Valair G56 Dual Disc Clutch

BB Diesel Performance performs a lot of clutch installations. We have installed almost every design you can imagine. When it comes to a great replacement or performance clutch, we look to Valair. The Valair G56 Dual Disc is a great clutch. Whether you are looking for a stock replacement, a towing clutch, or a high performance clutch, we have just the clutch for you. Our new performance series of clutches are built Texas tough and built to last.


All Organic single disc clutches come with a 30 day limited warranty all other single disc clutches come with a 6 month 6,000 mile warranty and all street Dual Disc clutches come with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. Hydraulics come with a 90 day warranty.

Valair G56 Dual Disc Clutch
SFI Approved Dual Disc Clutch w/ Steel Inserts
2005.5 – 2008 Dodge Cummins fitted with Mercedes G56 6 Speed Transmission.

Dual Disc Kit – up to 800HP
Ceramic Buttons
Billet Steel Flywheel with Steel Insert (SFI Approved)
Pressure Plate Loads – 3200# – 3400# – 3600# – 3850#

Kit includes: New G56 Dual Disc Flywheel w/Bronze Insert, Choice of Pressure Plate, Ceramic Clutch Discs, Release Bearing, HD Pilot Bearing, Modified Clutch Fork, Bolt Kit, and Alignment Tool.

Valair G56 Dual Disc Clutch

Valair G56 Dual Disc Clutch

About ValAir

ValAir started as Vallance Remanufacturing in Mineral Wells, Texas, about 60 miles West of Fort Worth, in the early 1990s. The Company concentrated on rebuilt Clutch Assemblies and rebuilt AC compressors for auto, heavy trucks, and agriculture. The location allowed us to keep the cost low and to supply the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as the local areas with quality replacement parts.

The company concentrated on quality rather than quantity from the start. Our replacement parts soon found their way into fleet service centers throughout Texas.

As the demand increased, the family run business expanded and hired more employees to handle the work load. With concentration always on a quality product, the company starting concentrating on heavy duty and medium duty truck

During 1999, the company moved to its current location between Mineral Wells and Millsap, Texas and incorporated as ValAir, Inc. The Company also diversified into light duty truck parts.

By investing in more equipment, tooling, and vehicles, ValAir was able to expand into other states besides Texas. Quality was still ValAir’s number one priority. The ability to keep cost low helped us to supply product at a reasonable price to our customers.

By 2001, ValAir had became global in the procurement of parts and products for both our Clutch line and AC Lines. Buying products from primary suppliers both in the USA and abroad continued to enable ValAir to maintain competitive prices while still expanding the product range and meeting the increased demand for high quality, competitively priced product. Parts were now being sold in 4 states to nearly 50 distributors.

In 2004, ValAir became interested in the performance clutch market for high horsepower diesel trucks. Research and development started to source the parts and ValAir begin supplying clutches to these applications. ValAir was already building clutches for most OTR trucks capable of holding up to 2250 ft lbs torque and was adapting these principles from these OTR clutches into a smaller package for ¾ and 1 ton trucks.

Concentrating once again on quality rather than quantity, it has taken 2 years of R&D and many miles of testing before ValAir decided that it had a better clutch at a reasonable price for the performance clutch market. ValAir started to offer these clutches in 2006 and have expanded our line during 2006.

In 2006, ValAir’s ‘Performance Series Clutches’ are sold to the diesel truck enthusiast who wants a high performance clutch with excellent quality at a reasonable price. All of these clutches are assembled from USA and foreign highest quality parts at our shop between Mineral Wells and Millsap Texas. These high performance clutches are being sold all over the USA.

Now with over 70 distributors throughout the Southern USA, ValAir’s bread and butter is still Heavy Truck Clutches and AC Parts, but their new passion is catering to the High Performance Diesel market.