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Iowa Dyno Shop opening at BB Diesel Performance near Mount Ayr, Iowa.

The BB Diesel Performance, Iowa Dyno Shop will include a full spectrum of dyno services not normally accessible in rural America. A dyno of this capability is few and far between. If you’ve tried others, make a trip to BB Diesel Performance and get the “truth”.

If you’ve always wanted the know the “truth” behind all the hard earned cash dumped into your diesel truck project, setup some runs at BB Diesel Performance.

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The Iowa Dyno Shop will offer custom diesel performance tuning using one the most powerful load control dynamometer’s on the market today. We are told, only (2) Dyno’s exist in the entire USA.

Iowa Dyno Shop services offered in southern Iowa!

Since 2008, BB Diesel Performance has offered custom diesel truck tuning, performance modifications, custom diesel engine builds, wheels, tires, lift-kits, exhaust systems, and accessories.

Presenting the Dynojet, Model 424xLC2

The following description is reproduced directly from the Dynojet website:
“The 424xLC2 features 2 x 24” knurled, precision balanced drums, 2x Eddy Current Load Absorption Units, measures up to 2000 HP, 2000 FT LBS, 200 MPH, and is capable of 1600HP peak absorption (in AWD) making it the most powerful load control dynamometer on the market.

Unlike inferior non adjustable wheelbase designs, the model 424xLC2 can adjust wheelbase with a push of a button from 88” to 140”. This allows the tires to contact the rollers evenly and in conjunction with the large drum diameter the 424xLC2 provides a virtually flat, stable surface for tire contact eliminating unnecessary tire slippage and deformation. The result is precise, repeatable data every time.

Iowa Dyno Shop

Iowa Dyno Shop

The 424xLC2 can operate in “inertia only” mode for assessing gains from minor bolt-on modifications, or utilize the duel eddy currant load absorption units for advanced load testing. Load tests include step, sweep and custom road-load profiles in all gears and at any throttle position. This system also eliminates any potential speed bias between the two drums when using the Dynojet speed balance feature.

Horsepower and torque are measured at each drum and can be displayed and/or logged independently or combined. This feature allows you to assess the vehicle’s power-split and can also aid in troubleshooting drive-train issues.”


2011 RAM 2500 6spd Crew Cab SLT 4×4

BB Diesel Performance offers For Sale: 2011 Dodge RAM 2500, 6-spd, Crew Cab for Sale. This one has some modifications already done. This truck is offered at $32500 with STOCK Wheels and Tires.

For Sale 2011 RAM 2500 6spd

For Sale 2011 RAM 2500 6spd

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2006 Dodge Cummins Mega Cab Build Up

2006 Dodge Cummins Mega Cab Build Up. Should show at least 700-hp. Client wanted a monster and that’s what we built. Going to be a blast to drive.

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