Best Diesel Truck Tuning in Iowa

BB Diesel Performance offers the best diesel truck tuning in Iowa. We do “canned” tunes versus “custom” tunes. We utilize the industries finest diesel tuners to achieve significant results at very low prices.

Our tuning will adjust the engine parameters electronically. Most of the time, we can complete your tuning project in 1-day. You can order your canned tune for a variety of objectives.

If you opt for additional performance products, bigger head studs, fuel system modifications, etc. we would need more time. Basic “canned” tuning is reversible and will allow the PCM to be reset to factory. This is good if you plan to trade it into a dealership and want to make sure your truck has an original OEM factory setup.

The beautiful part of “canned” tunes is the ability to make adjustments on the fly!

No need to shut the truck off or change the tune, you simply flip the switch to setup parameters best suited for performance, towing, economy, etc.


We like

We like EDGE Products, The Edge Juice with Attitude CTS includes (5) pre-loaded adjustable switch-on-the-fly power levels. Sure, there are dozens of other similar products one could use, but in diesel truck tuning, you don’t cut corners, that’s why we choose Edge Products.


best diesel tuning in iowa

Edge Products Juice CTS Attitude

Power Levels
Level 1: 25 HP & 80 lb-ft
Level 2: 40 HP & 120 lb-ft
Level 3: 60 HP & 150 lb-ft
Level 4: 80 HP & 200 lb-ft
Level 5: 100 HP & 250 lb-ft
Level 6: 150HP & 350 lb-ft (Hot Unlock, Purchased separately)



You can invest more in “custom” tuning by taking your truck to performance shops with a Dynamometer. Here you’ll pay for tuning that is custom fit for your application. A Dyno allows the Technician to simulate a wide variety of load conditions in real-time. This type of tuning should be considered if installing lot’s of higer performance products like compound turbo’s, fuel pumps, big injectors, etc. If your objective is a high-performance diesel engine for drag racing or sled pulling, a custom tune is a good place to start.

Mini Maxx Race Tuner

Mini Maxx Race Tuner

Mini Maxx Race Tuner

For Sale: Mini Maxx Race Tuner $1500, just (1) left. These are no longer manufactured and outlawed in the USA by EPA

NOTE: This device is intended for RACING only. BB Diesel Performance will not be held responsible for any other purpose.

The H&S Mini Maxx Tuner is an actual mini-computer designed to plug right into the brain of your Diesel Trucks. Once connected, this tuners allows direct communication and override of many factory default settings from inside your cabin. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, recalibrate your ABS system, use large non-stock tires or gearing. The H&S Mini Maxx puts you in control of your diesel trucks— and updating it is easy. You cancheck online for updates, new features & free custom tunes!

With the Mini Maxx full color and high resolution screen you can monitor up to 20 parameters in real-time. From Boost Pressure and Barometric Pressure to Fuel Rail Pressure (ICP) and Intake Air Temp.

With H&S Performance Mini Maxx Race Tuner you have the access to more special features only for Diesel Trucks owners. Special features from simple things, like enabling or disabling the horn chirp or flashing lights when using the keyless entry system — up to more racing specific features like enabling or disabling the seat belt audio or visual reminders and the daytime running lights.

Please Note: This tuner requires the use of a race exhaust system.

  • Comes preloaded with DPF Present and DPF Removed capable tuning
  • Allows removal of the DPF system and ALL related sensors (nothing needs to go into the race exhaust or even be plugged in)
  • Usable on ANY of the above vehicle applications if previous truck is returned to stock tuning
  • Precisely tune engine with HP increases of 0-250HP (dependent on application, see below chart)
  • Approximate size: 3.5″ x 2″ (2″ x 1.75″ color screen) Black Maxx / Mini Maxx Size Comparison 1, 2
  • Speedometer recalibration for use of non-stock size tires or gearing
  • Enable / Disable factory “special features”. Check here for more information
  • Automatic safety backdown. adjustable by EGT, Boost, Trans. Temp, and Coolant Temp
  • Remove / Adjust top speed limiter
  • Allows removal of the entire EGR system including cooler with no trouble codes
  • Turn off the EGR system without removing ANY parts
  • Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Custom Tunes are FREE to download.
  • Internet updateable w/included SD Memory Card and USB Adapter.
  • Digital gauges to monitor up to 20 parameters
  • Custom Mounting Solutions available HERE
  • Allows for use of aftermarket turbo kits with no trouble codes (Only 6.7 Cummins)
  • Made in the USA